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Ragrax Falls, Welcome to Time: Eternal Sovereign

"Happiness isn't possible, and even
Inconceivable, to a mind without
Scope and without pause
A mind driven by craving,
Pleasure and fear.

To be happy
You must be tamed.

You must have taken the measure of your power,
Tasted the fruits of your passion
And learned your place in the world
And what thing can really serve you.

To be happy
You must be wise"

-George Santayana

First there were twelve...

Ragrax is no more. The hunger of bloodlust has finally been sedated, but a deeper need is brewing...

Dust and Mud, Stone and Vines lay now on the once sacred ground. The very soil itself destroyed, the essence of the earth itself caught in rapine battle. What was Xanadu now is blood ridden. There were twelve, who with their death braught the great guardian. His will was not sufficiant.

Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire

Xegony, the Queen of Air

Coirnav, the Avatar of Water

The Rathe Council

What was theirs is now ours. Let eternity bend to our will.

We're coming Quarm...

Congratulations to Reiely on Chestguard of Enchanted Marble
Congratulations to Rohgziel on Sword of Primordial Power
Congratulations to Tullili on Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings

And in other news, this is somthing we at ES felt everyone should see:
Posted on Thu Jun 03, 2004 1:09 am by Newbrow

Eternal Sovereign - Influence

During the last 21 days Eternal Sovereign has been playing quite the roll on Tholuxe Paells. We went to a party with fish and warlords, war chieftans and wise men. We came, we saw, we stuck around. More importantly we saw a soul in the corner, and gave him power.

I give you: Eternal Sovereign - The Power of Influence



Unfortunately this man became a force to be reckoned with. With his power, Eternal Sovereign braught pain to the guests of this party, and unfortunately they passed away at the Norrath Crematory... er I mean Hospital for Sick People... yes...

Danced Off:
Mystical Arbitor of Earth x2
Ring of Dust x3
Ring of Stone x2
Tantisala Jaggedtooth
Smith Rondo
War Chieftan Awisano x2
War Chieftan Birak x2
War Chieftan Galronar x2
Warlord Gintolaken x2
Rallos Zek The Warlord
Ring of Mud
Grioihin the Wise
Mithaniel Marr
Zun'Muram Votal
Avatar of Wind
Avatar of Mist

Grats Morendo on Shroud of the Stonecrafter
Grats Drideon on Girdle of Earthen Stability
Grats Damador on Flowing Moss Mantle
Grats Quiggle on Circular Crystalline Formation
Grats Drideon on Entropy Pendant
Grats Kaput on Cloak of Flickering Flame
Grats Kazh on Cloak of Flickering Flame
Grats Shaolu on Magi`Kot`s Sleeves of Convergence
Grats Quaymar on Trydan's Bracer of Nobility
Grats Venemous on Mantle of Ferociousness
Grats Bolaliel on Cloudy Jewel of Growth
Grats Venemous on Irestone Ring of Fright
Grats Runnydrizzler on Aegis of Discordant Matter
Grats Excidium on Blade of Ornate Symbols
Grats Rohgziel on Rageshard Ring of Destruction
Grats Ylyrra on Ultor's Bracer of Faith
Grats Grrumble on Romar's Circlet of Visions
Grats Barad on Cudgel of Glowing Clay
Grats Serani on Kerasha's Sylvan Sleeves
Grats Tillwin on Reinforced Mephit Talon
Grats Sweepor on Askr's Thunderous Boots
Grats Gbeek on Ton Po's Helm of Composure
Grats Danenel on Maelin's Shoes of Lore
Grats Thalsadoom on Maelin's Sleeves of Lore
Grats Eviltowel on Kerasha's Sylvan Sleeves
Grats Newbrow on Kelp-Lined Mantle
Grats Mingo on Hammer of Crushing Waves
Grats Mystieaxe on Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings
Grats Kethra on Kerasha's Sylvan Bracer
Grats Deina on Earring of Living Earth
Grats Maktabi on Earring of Living Earth
Grats Grego on Wristband of the Rathe
Grats Punchau on Wristband of the Rathe
Grats Zeremi on Stone Etched War Sword
Grats Drideon on Stone Etched Mallet
Grats Phalyn on Flowing Moss Mantle
Grats Sensorian on Flowing Moss Mantle
Grats Idar on Red Eyed Mask of Rage
Grats Kanvil on War Charm of Crossed Blades
Grats Saneril on Lute of Flowing Water
Grats Snowfangs on Wristband of Rathe
Grats Kethra on Wristband of Rathe
Grats Tudana on Bow of Contortion
Grats Leafblight on Valiant Belt of Fallen Heroes
Grats Donor on Radient Mask of the Diseased Lord
Grats Chesshire on Circle of Rotting Flesh
Grats Sensorian on Daunting Opaque Orb
Grats Siang on Unadorned Silver Visor
Grats Leafblight on Muramite Linked Coif
Grats Kenundra on Rosrak's Bracer of the Primal
Grats Grego on Kerasha's Sylvan Bracer
Grats Jadine on Magi'Kot's Tiara of Convergence
Grats Idar on Magi'Kot's Tiara of Convergence
Posted on Sun May 30, 2004 6:33 pm by Newbrow

Eternal Sovereigns 'Road to Time'

Click the slide show buttons for more images...

Boner - Reporting

For current Flash Player please visit the following;
Posted on Sat May 15, 2004 2:19 am by Bone

The Reef of Coirnav Falls to Eternal Sovereign

The water stood stagnant, bitter cold and icy. It's once bright power extinguished. First was Grioihin the Wise, then Hydrotha, and Krziik the Mighty, all fell into the bitter grasp of death. Then was Ofossaa the Enlightened. The last of the mighty protectors that guarded the will of the Triumverate. He too met the rage of Eternal Sovereign.

The blood waters thickened, and froze. Vapor, Mist, and Ice, wrath without borders. Through this great trial did we pass, through the seventy five pungant corpses that lay afloat. We stood and we delivered, each their own will to the great and mighty beast.

After only 3 attempts, the fourth braught reward. Time Remaining at death: 1:23.

Leafblight on Ring of Algae
Punchau on Seaweed Woven Leggings
Tommo on Askr's Thunderous Armplates
Linkagge on Maelin's Sleeves of Lore
Lorai on Ultor's Bracer of Faith
Kazh on Gem Encrusted Axe
Newbrow on Maelin's Shoes of Lore
Slath on Algae Covered Stiletto
Dmonger on Kelp-lined Mantle
Tinolyen on Hammer of Crushing Waves
Belquillon on Maelin's Leggings of Lore
Sakharra on Bidilis` Bracer of the Elusive

... And then there was one

Image Courtesy of Leafblight

The Rathe Council: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You.
Posted on Mon May 10, 2004 1:30 am by Newbrow
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